Babysitting Frustrations

Just a few random thoughts at the end of a long Thursday:

1. I ended up having to wait up for my sister tonight.  I’m kinda pissed at her too.  Last night we made plans for me to take her to dinner after I got off work today.  I felt bad because even though I’m technically responsible for her this week, I haven’t really spent as much time with her as I should be.  So I wanted to take her out.  So I come straight home after work today only to find that she wasn’t here.  I waited around all evening, but she never showed up.  She finally called me around 10pm, and came home around 11:30pm, but she totally forgot our dinner plans.  So I wasn’t very happy, especially with the fact that I came home and didn’t know where she was.

2.  I had another reason for going straight to Loveland after work rather than back to my place for a while – mowing the lawn.  Before my mom left for Orlando she asked me if I could have the lawn mowed by the time she’d get back.  Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal at all, except that the grass hasn’t been mowed for two weeks.  Typically our lawn needs to be mowed every three days, so you can imagine what two weeks of not mowing does to the lawn!  So it’s been a daunting task that I’ve been putting off all throughout this week.  But tonight was going to be different – I was going to go take my sister to dinner, come back and tackle the front yard and half of the back yard.  But as soon as I got home it began to rain here, and pretty heavy.  It ended up raining a good few hours here, so no way to mow the lawn tonight.

3.  So with no dinner plans and not being able to mow the lawn, I was relegated to seeing what was on Thursday Night TV.  I ended up watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals!  Talk about a low-scoring game!  I guess that’s what we should expect being that the #1 defense is playing the #2 defense, but would it kill someone on either team to light it up?  The game was decently exciting, but as a fan of high-scoring pizazz this left me pretty unsatisfied.  Also I hate to say it, but it looks like Detroit *choked*!  There I said it.  Geez, how the heck could they give up a 17-4 lead in the first quarter at one point fall 16 points behind San Antonio and ultimately lost 84-69.  Ugh! This series is going to be ugly!

I’m so glad tomorrow’s Friday.  I’m excited to wrap up an extra project I’m working on, then I’m headed to the drive-in