Short Week

I don’t know if I like or hate the first day of a 4-day week.  A big part of me hates Tuesdays of the 4 day week because it feels like a Monday, but jammed in with all of the Tuesday stuff as well.  This usually means I have double the work that I need to do.  But I like 4-day Tuesdays because after a long weekend there is nothing better than realizing that you’re one less day from the next weekend…  So I think the jury’s still out.

Today was a good day but a tough day.  Good because I had a really good night with a very sweet gal   Tough because I had all of my Tuesday meetings mixed in with my Monday confusion.  Then I ended my day by driving my sister Amanda to the airport.  It’s kinda funny, but even after yesterday’s rant I’m still really going to miss my sister.  It’s funny because as we were driving home my mom and I realized that my sister probably won’t ever be coming back west for any extended period of time ever again.  I think that during the summers she’ll probably find an internship like the one she’s going to now and have another reason to stay out in Boston.  As I picture my sister I really think that she’s going to be happier in the east, as well as far away from her family as possible

Alright, bed time…  I’m really zapped from such a long day – but there are only 3 more left before the weekend comes!