Lazy June Day

What a weird day today has been!  Basically it’s been a really lazy day – that had it’s moments of productivity, but overall I was more lazy overall.

First off I worked from home today, mainly on the sole basis that I needed to do my laundry.  That was a pretty weak excuse to justify working from home, but for some reason I just didn’t feel like going into the office.

About working from home: Luckily in my job I’m blessed with the ability to work just about anywhere.  I have a laptop that I use as my primary machine, so it has all of the tools and software I need.  I have call forwarding enabled on my office phone to send calls to both my cell phone and my home phone.  I have high speed Internet and a cool cordless headset, so really I have everything I need.  This last school year I was horrible when it came to going into the office.  I moved across town, so my old 5 minute drive to work now becomes a 20 minute drive.  Along with that I have a virtual team where I was the only person in Fort Collins, so I really had no inclination to go into the office.  At my worst point I had been home for 20 consecutive work days – so yeah I was bad.

Luckily about 6 weeks ago we brought in a contractor that does work for my team and sits in the Fort Collins site, which has been giving me incentive to go into the office more.  Right after finals week I was back into the office 85-95% of the time (if I had early morning meetings I did them from home, got ready and then headed into work).  I was doing pretty well.  But my goal this summer is to improve my office attendance and break the cycle of working from home when I don’t really need to.

It’s not that I don’t like working from home – the reality is I love it.  I get to blast my music all day, listen to Rome, make my own lunch and get to do all of the little household things I needed to do anyway (like laundry).  But the problem is when you work from home too often you become to prone to distraction.   There are so many times during the day when my electric drumset is calling out my name, or my messy office just can’t take it anymore and needs to be cleaned.  Then I get suck into this "unproductive" run that can only be alleviated by going back into the office and being re-energized.

So the moral of the story is working from home can be a good thing in moderation, but going to the office can never go wrong when it comes to being productive.

Hence, where I’m at today.  This week is already a slow week at work.  We’re a little ahead of schedule with our current project and I’ve made pretty good progress in my smaller-scale projects.  So far the majority of my time this week has been spent tying up loose ends.  Well I ended up just getting lazy today working from home and being completely unproductive..  So my workday really felt like a waste.

Tomorrow I’m going into the office 1st thing in the morning (for once).  and looking forward to re-energize my productivity.

The funny thing is – my laundry; the sole justification for working from home today – I didn’t even start it until 5:30pm…  So what a joke!  I spent the evening cleaning up and being productive on the home front, but I’ve been a complete slacker on all of my other fronts.  I have a pile of NCSC work that needs to get done that I keep putting off (ARGGH.. TIME TO MAKE TIME!) and as far as Pastoral Council goes I have a meeting on Monday and I’m still slacking around with the agenda, action items and all of that good stuff.  So yeah I’m being a slacker in that area…  Gotta kick my butt in gear.

It’s these 4 day weeks, I’m tellin’ ya…  My whole sense of time is thrown off right now!

Oh and my sister made it safely to Puerto Rico today, after 9 hours and one layover later (yuck!).  I, the airfare king booked my mom and sister’s trip back to Boston this August to bring my sister to school – $186 round-trip for my mom and $94 one-way for my sister!  HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?!?

I also ordered prints today of my sister’s graduation pictures…  Here is one with all four of us kids: