Okay…  So Warehouse is supposed to inform us today as to whether or not we got picked in the Ticket Pre-sale Lottery (DMB Red Rocks)…  I’ve been checking my email like mad all morning (and for those who don’t know me I’m already checking my email virtually all the time, so you can imagine how bad I am right now)…  Nothing yet..  Checked the web site a ton.. Nothing either…

The only indication I *kind of* have is that my credit card right now has ~$400 less on the limit then it should have, which means that something has a hold on it.  Hopefully Warehouse, but I’m not sure…  So I’m still holding out hope for that, we’ll see!

Oh so I don’t know if I mentioned but I got my new phone a few days ago.  I’m still figuring out if I should send it back or not, but right now I’m decently happy with it.  Except for the ring-tones.  One thing I *loved* about my old LG was that it has the most classic old-school ringing phone.  I loved it, and now on this Motorola everything on here is loud, annoying or completely far from a phone ring.  This sucks!  So I’m on a quest to find a *real* phone ringing..  But no luck… Argghh…  Would it kill cell phone companies to put a simple REGULAR PHONE RING?