Stupidest Car Repair Ever…

So as I write this my car is in the shop, for the dumbest repair that it’ll (hopefully) ever need.  Yesterday I was driving to work when I put in a CD (which will remain nameless for a minute).  I heard a few songs on the CD and as usual, my short attention span was tired of this band.  So I hit "eject" and guess what – the CD won’t eject!  I keep getting this "Ejection Error" message that run across the display…  I tried and tried, but short of ripping the stereo out of the car I couldn’t do anything to get the CD out.  But what’s really strange is that it’s still playing just fine, just won’t eject…

And to make the matters worse the CD is BLINK 182! ARGGGH!  It’d be one thing if it was Dave Matthews, 311 or Five For Fighting, but freaking Blink 182!  So you can guess that one day later I’ve had enough.  It’s bad enough to be listening to the same CD over and over again, but when it’s Blink 182 my patience is really tried.

So I take the car in thinking that this will be a simple repair, I can sit in the lobby for an hour and see if I can finish my book…  No!  Apparently they won’t be able to get to my car right away.  The guy who does the mobile/radio stuff is out at a job right now, and it’d be impractical for me to wait!

Hey, so if they couldn’t get to my car when I took it in at the assigned time, then what was the point for me making an appointment?!? 

So they gave me a ride back, and I’m here at work, but now I’m paranoid because today is the day I’m supposed to be getting my Dave Matthews tickets, and they won’t leave the package for me unless I sign for it!  I worked from home this morning and the tickets didn’t come, and I figured that I’d be alright in leaving for an hour, but now I’m gone all afternoon and the weekend will go by with no DMB tickets   I’m sure I’ll get them Monday, but it would have been really cool to have them this weekend (oh… and TWO WEEKS AND COUNTING!).

Luckily my car is under warranty so I won’t have to pay for this repair, but when I called this morning and told them about my problem they mentioned that if they couldn’t get the CD out through conventional means, they’d have to rip out the stereo and send it down to Denver to be taken apart (it seems the technology to dismantle a CD player – A SCREWDRIVER – isn’t yet available in Fort Collins).  I really hope they just put a new unit in there.

I don’t even want the CD anymore!  I just don’t want to be driving around all weekend with a giant hole in my dashboard!