Holy Crap – DMB!


I still don’t believe it!  I’m still in shock…  But I GOT MONDAY NIGHT TICKETS!!!  Yes, tickets go on sale next Wednesday, but I have successfully managed to get them in advance!!

So this afternoon I was snooping around the message boards when I saw news that the Warehouse was planning on doing Instant Ticketing, but they hadn’t announced anything about it yet…  I got home this afternoon, and browsed over to the Warehouse site, checked to see if there was any news or postings… Not yet…  However I click over to Instant Ticketing and check it out…. AND I SAW TICKETS AVAILABLE!  So I put my info in, submit the form, and GOT CONFIRMED!!!

I’m going to all 4 nights!!!!

I still have that Pastoral Council meeting that Monday, and I’m going to have to come up with something (let alone how I’m going to come up with the money for another DMB night), but I’ll figure something out   At least this is all in the form of a donation to charity  

I’m so excited!!!