We’re tearing through the days


It was a Monday, not really much that I can say…  Two noteworthy events though: 1) Web Site Help; 2) Pastoral Council meeting

So you may not remember, but about 2 months back I wrote an entry about the fiasco with my church web site. Well, for the last few weeks the person who took it over has asked me if he could have some of my time to ask some questions about it and to be taught a few things.  This turned out to be a pretty humbling experience.  There was a big part of me that was insulted to be asked, and this was the equivalent of pouring salt over my open wound – ("Can you help me further ruin and alter your original design?"), but I swallowed my pride, tried to be forgiving and went in there to help.  It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be.  I think if anything they have an appreciation/awareness of just how complex the original site was, and how much they’ve really downgraded the thing when it comes to functionality.  It was funny to see the "deer in the headlights" look when I went off about how the Sign-Up forms worked (adding/updating/removing people from the student database, subscribing them with the mailing lists, categorizing their interests).  When I left I think the questions were answered and I felt better about not being a cold prick about the whole thing.  There are still some old wounds that lay there, and I still need to pray for healing and forgiveness.

Later that evening we had our latest Pastoral Council meeting.  No real big fireworks went off, except for the fact that I’m still struggling with my place within this group, and ultimately my place at John XXIII.  I’m chairperson of this group, but I really feel like I don’t make much of an impact, am not invested in the group (or parish leadership), and am not a strong leader for this group.  I really struggle because when the meetings end I just think to my self "Well X more times until I’m done with this gig and off the Council".  I remember when I started on Pastoral Council and was excited to be part of such a visionary, diverse and valuable group.  Now I see Pastoral Council (and basically all leadership groups at my parish) as mere puppet organizations, with a very select group in our church pulling all of the strings.  The time we spend in discussion quite frankly is a waste, as it rarely is heard or taken into account by any of the decision makers in our Parish.  It saddens me because I look at the quality of people who give up their time to be part of Pastoral Council, and oftentimes wonder if all of their efforts and wisdom are all for irrelevance.

I still hold out faith that this group can make some kind of impact, and pray that we’ll some day be able to create that avenues that used to be established back when our Parish was healthy & vibrant.


Broken down into two highlights: Kristi’s wedding and seeing Sam & Sophia!

Kristi’s Wedding – it went off without any complications and overall things went pretty well.  One note though – I am not ever going to have a fall wedding in Colorado.  Last Wednesday, when I picked out my outfit the temperature was about 50 degrees, which led me to choose a sweater, long-sleeved shirt, tie & dark grey slacks.  This seemed like a pretty good idea for a fall wedding.  Then Saturday roles around with a high of 89!!!  Wearing the sweater was a great idea, especially since the reception was outside.  I ditched the sweater at the reception, but that still left me a long-sleeved shirt and dark slacks to get sweaty in for the rest of the day.  Oh well…

Lesson Learned: No fall weddings in Colorado

I also got to see my good friend Carrie (picture to the left), and was reminded just how much I miss hanging out with her.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out there wasn’t a Head Table at this wedding, so the Bridesmaids got to sit anywhere, which meant I got to hang out with Carrie during the reception.


Seeing Sam & Sophia – Perfect way to cap off my Saturday!  The three of us went to grab coffee and it was really fun relaxing and reconnecting with Sam, and of course holding little Sophie   Actually she’s not going to be little for much longer.  It’s amazing – I saw her a week ago and she’s grown so much since then!  I’ve really been blessed that I’ve been able to see her pretty consistently, and need to make a point to continue, or else I won’t be able to recognize her.  Sam took a really great picture of the two of us that I thought I’d share.

Saturday turned out to be a great day.  I also manged to get home early enough in the evening to get some laundry done and relax a bit.

Sunday – Broncos win (Yeah!), I kick butt in the football pool again, and I got to see the Steve Gadd drum clinic- which turned out to be really cool.