“TO” news

I wanted to post the following in a seperate post, simply because these topics are completely unrelated and didn’t have anything to do with my last post:

TO or "two" is gonzo!  The Eagles announced today that he is suspended for 4 games, and wont’ be asked to come back for the rest of this season.  Good riddance!  As a big Donovan McNabb fan, I was sick of this guy stabbing knives into McNabb’s already hurt back…  Two’s antics make Barry Bonds look like a good guy!  That’s how bad he is…  Ultimately I think the Eagles will do better as well, getting rid of this big headache.

COLDPLAY IS COMING TO DENVER!  Mark your calendars for February 19th!  They’ll be at the Pepsi Center   Now it’s not Red Rocks, but I’m just excited to see them..  Time to save some $$ for tickets!