Early January Update

It’s been a crazy few days!  One would think that after coming back from Chicago things would  begin to clam down, but that is rarely the case…

As part of transitioning my role as the NCSC’s Western Regional Chair, I flew the new chairperson up to Fort Collins this weekend so that we could do the transition in person.  We ended up getting a pretty cheap flight, but the reason it was cheap was because he arrived at 2:30am!  While I was picking him up it didn’t seem like the smartest idea in the world, but we managed to sleep in enough on Saturday to make up for everything.  We ended up having a really nice time this weekend, showing him a bit of Fort Collins, and of course doing lots of work to transition things off.

It may seem a little extreme to do the transition in person, especially when every National Team transition takes place over great distances, but I think in the end I did this more for my sake than for New Chair.  With my incoming responsibilities as PR Chair piling up, I didn’t want to sacrifice the Western Region’s transition for my own responsibilities.  At the same time, if I was able to do the transition really well and get the New Chair off and running, it will hopefully mean that I won’t feel the need to call him and keep reminding him about all the little things I would have missed by rushing the transition.  So this weekend I put quite a bit on hold, but I think it was a calculated sacrifice which will ultimately be better for the New Chair, myself & PR and the NCSC.  Now I just need to play a lot of catch-up!  It’ll be good though, I love doing all of this PR work – as long as I can keep my head afloat…

Some other really exciting stuff has happened in the last few days:

1) With Christmas gone and a little extra money in my account, I decided to treat myself to a late-Christmas present – I reapplied new drum heads to all of my drums!  This has been something that has been long overdue.  I had these really old PinStripes that were three years old and all but dead, and I was really eager to try something new on my drums.  Borrowing a page from my favorite drummer’s playbook I got some really cool-looking Ebony Ambassadors and placed them on all of my Toms.  I put some clear Ambassadors on the bottom Toms, and got a new Emperor X snare head.  Bethany helped me put them on my drums on Thursday, gave them a few days to stretch, set them up Saturday at church and here’s what they looked like:

It looks really sharp!! The toms sound pretty decent, I definitely need to do some more work on the snare, but it’s really coming along

2) LAST NIGHT WAS MY LAST PASTORAL COUNCIL MEETING!!!!  You can’t imagine how happy I am about this – I will need to do a Pastoral Council reflection post sometime soon, but basically after three years on Pastoral Council and some very large shifts in my parish, I’m really looking forward to having free Monday nights again..  Now I can watch Monday Night Footb- oh wait…

3) I GOT PLAYOFF TICKETS TODAY!!!!  They are here, there is no longer any doubt: Saturday at 6pm at Mile High Stadium – I’ll be there, watching THE BRONCOS BEAT THE PATRIOTS!

That’s it for now – more to come later