Stupid Netflix

For as much as I complain about my Blockbuster on-line rental membership, things could be much worse! There have always been little things about LackLuster that have bothered me: their inability to recognize sequential numbers (thus sending me my #3 or #4 choice before my #1), or their ability to send me some animated chicken movie when the envelope read "Lord of War", or even when they send me the same disc twice! (all of these happened last week)… Ever since Blockbuster sent their "we know we promised you a $15/month rate, but as soon as your agreement’s up we’re upping the price" email, I’ve always told myself that I’d bust out of LackLuster and go to Netflix. All of that changed yesterday when I read the following story:

‘Throttling’ Angers Netflix Heavy Renters

Way to discriminate against your own customers with your magic formula… For all of the crap that LackLuster pulls, nothing compares to Netflix promising unlimited monthly rentals, then turning around and saying "Just kidding!". Thanks for nothing!