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I’ve been meaning to post this for some time. While I do need to catch up on some life’s happenings, as well as some reflections from a six-week retreat that I’m taking part in – but I’m still struggling to find some time. I would like to share in an email that I wrote a few weeks back to a few friends of mine, and expand on this a bit. And give you an idea of a latest technology obsession of mine…

Friends of mine may know that I have been listening to a PodCast put on by Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, a diocesan priest from the Archdiocese of Utrecht, the Netherlands. For the last year, Fr. Roderick has been producing Catholic Podcasts (starting with the Catholic Insider) taking place in Rome. Fr. Roderick was in Rome during John Paul II’s death, as well as the Papal Conclave and offers some audio accounts of those events. Currently Fr. Roderick hosts a podcast called The Daily Breakfast, a 25-minute show that includes music, Catholic news, reflections, Entertainment Reviews (including shows like 24 and Lost), Health tips and lots of other information! It’s a really interesting PodCast and I find myself starting my mornings with this show. The Daily Breakfast is entertaining and reaches a vast audience, including many non-Catholics. One of my favorite segments Fr. Roderick does is called “The Peculiar Bunch” which “answers all those questions you have about Catholics, but are afraid to ask”.

The Daily Breakfast isn’t necessarily intellectually or spiritually challenging, but it’s incredibly entertaining, and it offers a lot of Catholic perspective on everyday happenings. This is an amazing example of how the church can offer ministry over the Internet. Essentially Fr. Roderick has created a virtual faith community. For Catholics like myself who are searching for a meaningful faith community, this is a wonderful opportunity to hear daily reflections and dialog with a Priest on many pop-culture issues, but also taking part in this Internet community as well. Fr. Roderick is also busy forming the StarQuest Podcast Network, a network of Catholic Podcasts and currently features some other entertaining shows.

I’d like to invite you to take some time and listen to a few episodes and see what you think! You don’t need an iPod to listen to a Podcast. “Podcast” is simply a term for a radio/audio show that can be downloaded on your computer, then moved to an iPod or MP3 player – but they can remain on your computer and you can listen to them as well. A great program to download & year Podcasts is Winpodder – , but you can also use iTunes as well – . To subscribe to a Podcast simply visit the web site and click on the “Subscribe” links on the top right-hand side of the web page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

The Daily Breakfast Show –
Catholic Insider Show –
Catholic Insider Site – – More information about both The Daily Breakfast and Catholic Insider, as well as information about Fr. Roderick
SQPN Network –

One update that I think is fun. A few weeks back. Fr. Roderick asked his listeners from around the world to send postcards of where you’re from. I ended up sending him a postcard, and he actually read it on the air – too cool! To listen to that Podcast, download DB#88 – March 10th’s and listen towards the end of the Podcast!