L.A. Congress Update…

Greetings from Southern California!  I wish I could say sunny Southern California but as I write this I’m sad to say the weather is a bit dreary outside: overcast with some rain…  We came in on Thursday into really nice weather and spent an awesome afternoon driving down the coast, having some great pizza, then finally visiting the beach.  We spent a good 1 & 1/2 hours walking the shore line, getting our feet wet, and simply enjoying the sunny weather.  Here are some pictures of the five of us enjoying this beautiful sunny day.


Carrie, myself, Joel & Emily
One of my favorite beach shots, with both Carrie & Emily 


The rest of the evening was spent enjoying one of the best meals I’ve had in some time: we simply sat at a bar on the pier and enjoyed clams, muscles, fisherman’s chowder and shrimp.  It wasn’t until 10pm when we made our way up to Anaheim.

LA Congress kicked off with a bang on Friday morning, and it’s been really interesting watching it unfold.  This is my 4th LA Congress, but this year I am staying and spending time with 8 people who have never been here before.  Watching Congress through their eyes has been really great to see.  There has been a great deal of chaos, but a lot more fun.

What’s funny with this year is that I have spent a lot more time relaxing and taking care of myself than in previous years.   I ended up missing out on two of my eight sessions, not because I’ve been buying things, but because I wanted to rest up and get some sleep.  Originally I was disappointed about missing the sessions, but now at the end of Saturday it seemed like the best choice.  I feel rested and refreshed, and I was able to be attentitive in the workshops I wanted to be in.

I really need to spend some more time processing the individual workshops and talking about them, but all I really have time to do right now is post some pictures.  I’ll share more later…



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