Kansas City Greetings – Podcasting makes road-trips fly

Greetings from Kansas City! My buddy Matt and I have journeyed out here for the Dave Matthews Band Bonner Springs show, the second show of the tour. We figured since Denver is going to be on the tour’s last stops, we’d get our DMB fix early in the season.

This morning we embarked for the 10 hour drive (plus another hour for time-zones) from Fort Collins to Kansas City. The drive was relatively painless – just a straight shot on I-70 the whole way. We made excellent time getting out here, and we weren’t too tired after a day of driving. So far this has been a good, relaxing trip.

One of the reasons our drive went by so quickly was because we spent the entire trip listening to Podcasts. These on-demand, downloadable radio/talk shows gave us some very interesting and relevant content. We simply abstained from listening to our regular Podcasts throughout the weekend and loaded up our iPods right before the trip.

We ended up spending all 10 hours listening to 17 Podcasts. We took turns choosing which Podcasts we’d hear. Without further ado, here is the list, in order they were heard:

Slashdot Review – 5/26
Cnet’s MP3 Insider – 5/11
Slashdot Review – 5/29
Mathgrad – 5/30
Geek News Central – #176
Cnet Buzz Out Loud – 5/26
Daily Breakfast – #121
Cranky Geeks #11
NFL Rants & Raves – #57
Practical Web Design Podcast – #55
Ebert & Roeper – 5/27 & 5/28
Cnet’s MP3 Insider – 5/6
Cnet’s MP3 Insider – 4/27
Cnet’s MP3 Insider – 4/20
Diggnation #47
Geek News Central #175

The Memorial Day holiday resulted in less Podcasts to choose from, and I’ll admit that we did end up scraping the bottom of the barrel towards the end. However, Podcasts made a very entertaining and sensible alternative for roadtrips. The "talk" aspect is more engaging while driving, as I find myself more able to tune out music.

We’ll be looking forward to loading up our iPods for the trip home. However, we are going to try to listen to a majority (if not all) of new Podcasts for the trip home. It should make the drive interesting, to say the least.

More to come from Kansas City/Bonner Springs. We will be tailgating in the parking lot before the show – I’m hoping to share some pictures!