Petition: Stop the RIAA from suing thousands of fans!

While I have yet to make a real posting, but I did want to take a moment to ask people to visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s petition to stop the frivolous lawsuits the RIAA has unleashed. A few posts back I talked about how they’re targeting a young family of five, single moms, college students and 12-year-old girls. This petition, which will be delivered to the House and Senate Judiciary committees, is intended to persuade law-makers to pass legislation to prevent these lawsuits. So if you are a registered voter and have a minute, please visit their site and sign the petition. The EFF’s almost has 80,000 of the 100,000 signatures it’s seeking for a petition on the recording industry’s insane campaign of suing thousands of music fans. 20,000 more to go!

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