Johnny Depp meets his robot self!

Check out this video of Johnny Depp riding and interaction with the new additions to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Carribean ride. It looks like it just opened in Disneyland on Monday.  Originally I mis-read and though Disney World, thinkin "DAMMIT!  I was just there last week!"  It looks like the Disney World version will open right before July 7th, to co-incide with the premier of the movie (a movie I’m really excited to watch!).
Watching the video it looks like they’ve made some awesome enhancements, while still being able to preserve the class "Pirates" feel.  Seeing just how realistic Captain Jack Sparrow looks in that barrel is freaky – especially the eyes.  I had to laugh a bit to see just how weirded out Depp was, but after thinking about what I’d be like after meeting my robot match, I don’t blame him.

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