The Madden Curse Continues – Alexander is HURT!

The Madden Curse strikes again this year after the Seahawks announced that Shaun Alexander is out indefinitely with a broken foot.

I remember when we were playing Fantasy Football and my friend Matt had the 1st pick of the draft.  The buzz about Shaun Alexander was hot, but I suggested that Matt resist the temptation and take LaDainian Tomlinson from the Chargers.  Well aware of the curse, Matt was already planning to take LT.

The story on ESPN has a chart documenting the demise of the last six players to grace the cover of Madden NFL: RB Shaun Alexander, QB Donovan McNabb, LB Ray Lewis, QB Michael Vick, RB Marshall Faulk, and QB Daunte Culpepper.

If I was in the NFL and the Madden guys were approaching me with a truckload of money to appear on the cover of Madden ’08, I would take the money and just take the year off.  You’re already not going to play because you’re hurt, so why not avoid the pain?

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