Great Gig Tonight!

I spent Monday evening in Denver at the Larimer Lounge, playing Greenfoot’s second gig, also our second one in 10 days. I was really pumped up with how we played and pleased with the gig overall.  Going into the show I was a little nervous about not being able to practice in between gigs, but we were able to knock off any rust that we had right away and played very loose.

Larimer Lounge at 10pm on a Monday night had the crowd one would expect late on a Monday night – definitely not big, but it was great to have family and friends out there to support us!  This was also a great opportunity for us to get our foot in the door at this venue and we hope to be back soon with a better time slot.  Larimer has a really cool stage, it’s elevated and it has some great lighting.  The one thing I was frustrated with was the sound system monitors, and the fact that I really couldn’t hear anything.  The people out and the crowd said that the mix was pretty decent, but I found myself having to rely on my muscle memory a lot more.

Personally I was really happy with my drumming at this show.  Being relaxed definitely had a positive effect on me, and I lucky was able to relieve a lot of tension that built up throughout the day.  I was also pleased with how I was able to physically sustain myself during the show.  At the end of the night my drumming chops were definitely warm, but they weren’t tired or sore.

Overall a very good night!