17 hour day

It’s 2:15am Friday morning, and I’m on the verge of completing a 17-hour day, 1st day at the my conference in New Orleans. New Orleans is a remarkable city, a place that I’m surprisingly enjoying. Throughout this weekend I will receive some more exposure to the rebuilding needs and processes, but what I’ve seen so far has been really promising. I’m liking the town.

The conference is definitely different from previous years, but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. I’ve seen great things today, I’ll look to share more about it in the coming days. It’s good to see some of my old friends here, but I’m sad that I really haven’t had an opportunity to catch up with them.

As far as the leadership activities go, I’m ready to be done and move on. In many ways, I’m looking forward to only having three days left in my term. I’m ready for a much-needed break.