Miserable Failure at 12 on 12

Well here we are on the 16th now, and obviously there are still no 12 on 12 pictures on my blog. This is not due to a lack of effort – believe me I tried to get some pictures up, and did in fact manage to take about a half-dozen pictures. However, I ultimately failed in this endeavor for the month of January.

Things were going pretty well into the afternoon, and I had just called it a day at work. It was actually a long day because I had to stay afterwards to do a build. Bethany and I were scheduled to babysit that evening, and I had to rush out of the house to make up for some lost time. In my haste, I had forgotten my camera. It’s a bummer too because I think I would have gotten some really cool babysitting shots. Throughout the evening Bethany and I had our hands full with a 2-year-old and a 1-month-old, but no pictures to show for it.

My apologies to all of my friends who were looking forward to pictures. I’ll make up for it in February. I’ll also see about getting the few pictures I took on-line on Flickr before the end of the week.