Recapping a busy weekend

It’s not technically Monday morning, and in a few hours we begin another busy week!  I was hoping that this weekend was going to offer some time to unwind, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.

Saturday morning was spent with family time and errands, then finished with drumming at church.  We spent some extra time practicing this week getting ready for the Nigerian Mass they’re going to have.  It’s been a lot of fun swapping out some of my traditional drum set components for African drums.  Originally I was dreading the musical change of pace.  After practicing some of the songs, I’m really excited about it.  If you’re going to be in Fort Collins on Saturday the 28, you should come to the 5:15 Mass at Bl. John XXIII.  It’s going to be a blast!

I logged in some quality family time Saturday night, which was spent planning a Vegas trip in May, as well as getting some time on the Wii.  It’s funny how popular the Wii – a video game system – has become with my family.  My sister who hates video games, always insists that I bring the Wii over when she comes up.

Sunday was the big gig for Greenfoot, which turned out to be a pretty long day.  I woke up to a little snow on the ground up in Fort Collins, which I found was a lot of snow in Denver and along the interstate.  The trip down was pretty long, and put all of us into a weird funk.  I don’t know if the snow just seemed discouraging (dissuading fans from coming to the show), or if the cold threatened our musical chops – but it just starting things off on tough footing.  The weather turned it into a slow day at the bar, and it didn’t help that we were screwed out of some of our stage time.  The soundguy apparently was late, which pushed everyone back a half-hour.  While the first act was on, he approached us and said that he would have to shorten our stage time by 1/3.  Having little choice, we accepted.  Looking back, I’m disappointed and a little pissed about it.  We got to the bar 90 minutes before we were scheduled to be on stage, and when we saw the snow we left earlier to make sure we were on time.  Yet it was our group that was punished for having our set list chopped.

We also encountered some instrument difficulty during our show (broken string), but in the end we recovered quickly and got back into the groove.  I’m grateful to my friends that came out and supported us, and hope they’ll come back when we don’t encounter all of these hardships.

I passed the time on the rough drive home by listening to the Colts/Pats game, and Bethany and I made it home in time to catch the 4th quarter.  It was an amazing comeback and with no dog in the fight, I’m really glad to see the Colts go to the Superbowl.  I like Payton Manning and want to see him get a ring.  I was also hoping they would match up with the Saints, but it looks like we’ll have to settle for a Bears matchup (which isn’t bad either).  It should be a great game in two weeks!

Most of all, I loved to see Tom Brady and “Hoodie” Belichick pout on the sidelines after the game.  Part of the reason I was rooting hard for the Colts was because I didn’t want to see the Pats head to another Super Bowl and begin 2 weeks of “greatest team of all time” talks again.  The Pats are good and they have a great system, but these guys couldn’t be sorer losers about the whole thing.  Hoodie showed a lack of class when he tapped (or shoved) Payton Manning after Manning sought him out in the sea of cameramen to shake his hand after the game.  Give me a break!

Oh, and amidst all of the weekend activity, I didn’t do any homework.  Hello Monday!