DVR’s make "must see Monday’s" manageable

With the spring TV season in full swing, Monday has definitely become the night of “must see” shows.  The trouble is, my two favorite shows, Heroes and 24, are both on at the same time!  A year ago when I had the Series 2 Tivo, I would have been in trouble and frantically would have been plugging in the VCR to the bedroom TV.  However, for once I can say that I’m glad I had that Comcast DVR with the dual tuner, allowing me to record both shows at the same time.  Now it’s a simple matter of plopping in front of the couch for 3 hours straight (for Heroes, 24, and Studio 60).  Ugh, too much TV!

It’ll be interesting to see how NBC and Fox will battle for viewers for both of these shows.  I have a hunch that many of Heroes viewers are also rabid 24-lovers as well.