A great show on Saturday night

This weekend turned out to be a great one for my band Greenfoot.  We had our show at Road 34 – being the featured band on a weekend night.  The night was shaping up to be a great one, and it definitely delivered.  Everything came together for us, and it was really exciting to watch it happen.

A good-sized crowd came to see us.  We know of at least 2 dozen people that came to see us exclusively, and when you add the people who are looking to hang out on a Saturday night, the place has a good crowd.  There was definitely a positive energy, and I was really appreciative of all of the friends that came out.  Everything came together musically, we were excited to debut some new songs and really play out our full set list.  It was incredibly hot on stage, and it was a bit of a challenge to keep hydrated, but it was a blast nonetheless. We were excited to be able to fill out a 2 hour set, and while we started a little earlier than we planned, we managed to fill things out pretty well.

Our T-shirts were also a big hit.  We came up with a creative way to try to help out the bar and keep drink orders flowing, by giving out raffle tickets with each drink order.  People seemed pretty interested in winning the shirts, and a good combination of friends and people we didn’t know won the shirts.  We ended up giving all of them out, but being that the primary goal was for the shirts to be an outreach tool, things fared out successfully.  We’re going to place another order for friends and family and then begin selling them as well.

We also got some pictures on my buddy Matt’s camera, I got them posted on my Flick’r to check out.  Overall we had a blast, it sounds like everyone there had a great time, and we’re trekking towards an awesome summer.

Crap, do I really play with my eyes closed like this???