WTF of the day: Receiving International Text Messages Charges

I was in the process of paying my cell phone will, when I realized that my bill was slightly higher for the month of July.  Looking at the detail of my bill, I saw that I was charged $.15 for an International Text message.  Being that I don’t have any international numbers that I text to, I looked at the details and found the following.

My phone is with Verizon, and as with other cell companies, text messages received by me are counted towards my text limit.  While I actually didn’t meet the limit for last month, I got charged for receiving text message from a domestic numberI think this message was sent to me while this person was overseas, but how the heck do I get charged for receiving a text message that I didn’t ask for?  The person that sent me the text had no idea that I would get charged, but yet I somehow have to pay?!?

I realize I’m complaining about pennies, but how ridiculous is this?

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