Great reflection on Travis Henry

Check out what Mile High Report – the best Broncos blog that I’ve found – has to say about Travis Henry and his recent troubles.

Now this, which happens at a time when the Broncos are struggling, questions about the defense abound, and the team has lost two straight.  Henry was a bright spot, leading the league in rushing through 4 weeks, a seemingly bringing some consistency back to the running game.  That is all gone now, and the Broncos should turn the page and close the book.  It was questionable that Henry would play this weekend due to injury and the Broncos should remove any doubt.  Send Henry home to deal with whatever it is he needs to deal with and let this team, which has had to deal with so much adversity this year, move on with the 52 other guys that DO want to play football, that DO want to turn the season around, that DO care about themselves and each other.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Go home Henry, we don’t need you here.  I almost hope that you play at the game on Sunday so we can "boo" you off the field.  This is why I laugh when people say that pot isn’t addictive and doesn’t affect you.  I don’t know – something about someone willing to throw away over $34 million dollars for playing a kid’s game, just so he can light up – I think that’s a problem.