ARGH!!! Broncos RB Henry busted for hippie lettuce

From ESPN:

Denver Broncos tailback Travis Henry, the NFL’s leading rusher through the first four weeks of the season, is facing a one-year suspension for a repeat violation of the substance abuse policy… Henry, 28, was suspended by the league for four games in 2005 because of a repeat violation of the substance abuse policy. The substance for which he tested positive on that occasion is not known. Under the league guidelines, another test within a two-year period would trigger a one-year suspension. Henry would then have to apply for reinstatement and his compliance with the treatment program prescribed for him would be reviewed.

Idiot.  I can’t believe that this guy is pissing his career away like Ricky Williams.  I can’t believe this guy, and it couldn’t come at a worse time for the Broncos.  While he let down the whole team, I’m not too concerned about the Broncos.  Selvin Young, Cecil Sapp and Mike Bell will hold it together and we’ve seen most Broncos runningbacks have been successful under Shanahan’s system.  Still, this is nothing but had news for Travis Henry and the Broncos record with free agents.  Dale Carter anyone?