Ch****mas in Fort Collins, the PC version

I got a newsletter that came in my email this afternoon, highlighting that a US city creates a “Holiday Display Taskforce”.  That headline gave me a sour feeling, and sure enough as I kept reading, I saw that this newsletter from a National radio program was talking about my hometown, Fort Collins, CO.

From the Coloradoan:

“What the task force tried to accomplish was to craft holiday displays to celebrate our commonality and also to recognize the diversity of winter holidays celebrated by members of the community and to create a festive atmosphere during the winter season,” said Seth Anthony, one of the spokesmen for the task force.

Wow, what a nice PC statement to ring you into the Christm-eerrrr-winter season.  Oh and Seth Anthony is from the ACLU, glad to see them hard at work here in Fort Collins.

The article reads a little confusing, but here is the gist I got from the proposed guidelines:

  • First off, trees on the “Holiday” display at the museum can only have white lights and non-religious displays (probably can’t even put a star at the top), and there will be some display that encompasses all the religious, and even the non-religious displays – just a big PC festival.
  • City buildings can only have white lights and some “winter” symbols.
  • And if the inside of the city office wants to decorate, they should incorporate aspects from at least 3 different religions, or non-religious displays.

Give me a break!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about tolerance but this “all inclusion” effort is pretty much the opposite of that.  To make it a point to make sure no one is offended, you’ve watered everything down so that these displays signify nothing.  The thing that confuses me most is the “white lights only” thing.  Heaven forbid that we have colored lights on our trees!  This is political correctness at it’s worst, and it’s a shame that this is the reason Fort Collins is making headlines.