"12 days" ruined by Xbox

Well my original hope of the 12 days of blogging has already been wrecked – due in large part that I’ve acquired an Xbox 360.  Currently owning (and loving) the Wii, as well as the PS2 (which pretty much is only used for Guitar Hero) at this point, getting a 360 a tough internal sell. However, I finally managed to push myself over the fence and buy myself a little Christmas after considering the following:

  • The games on the Xbox 360 are gorgeous, and I love taking in HD content.  Some of these games are unreal in their quality.  The Wii games are a blast to play, but their graphics aren’t anything to write home about.
  • The single-player games: Xbox has an awesome lineup for single-player adventure games.  I realize that Wii has a decent catalog building up, but right now I primarily consider the Wii a party game machine (with the exception of a few games like Super Mario Galaxy).
  • I was looking for a Media Center extender, so that I don’t need to burn content to DVD in order to play them.
  • The 360 offers a cheap way to get an HD-DVD player, if I decided to go that route.

Right now my desktop machine doesn’t have Windows Media Center, so I’m upgrading to Windows Vista (gulp) to try to get that experience.  After my failed beta attempt over 1 & 1/2 years ago, I’d like to see if Vista SP-1 would stack up.  More to come on this experience.