Tailgating not allowed at Mile High Music Fest?

A comment from my last post about Mile High Music Festival made me aware of something significant: According to their web site, Re-entry and Tailgating are listed under “prohibited items” at the Festival.  This contradicts what I was told by someone in the Mile High Music Fest Facebook Event – they said they called and were told the opposite. I’m trying to get more information from both sides, but for now I may have to assume the web site is accurate and tailgating is prohibited.

In which case is total crap!  You expect people to show up right at 10:30am and file straight into the Stadium for the next 12 hours with only a small soft-sided water bottle to keep them from getting exhaustion and dehydration?  You’re just asking for trouble!  I realize that this is supposed to stimulate vendor activities, but the vendors are going to make plenty of money regardless of re-entry policies.  True, at most sporting events don’t allow re-entry, but most sporting events aren’t scheduled to last 12 hours!  Come on Mile High organizers, let us have access to our cars during the festival!