Only on Craigslist…

Only on Craiglist can you find someone who actually would write this ad:

need a laptop for travel and family communication. I have to travel quite a bit and miss my family. We have a laptop but its the only one we have and can’t afford a 2nd. My family use it as home cpu. I can give you a tax deductable reciept for the value of it for tax credit. I need one that has wireless internet reception and able to connect usb’s and plenty of memory.

Where do you even begin with this one?  I don’t mean to sound insensitive, but if if you already have a laptop, wouldn’t you be better off getting a dirt-cheap desktop system for your family and take that laptop?  Also a tax-deductible receipt – as if that doesn’t smell like fraud (“deductible” spelled wrong no less).

Also asking for a free handout, but it has to have Wi-Fi and plenty of memory.  Give me a break!