Southern Greetings: Hilton Head, SC

Greetings from the South!  On Friday Bethany and I boarded a plane to Atlanta and eventually wound up in Savannah to join her family for a southern trip.  This is the first time that I’ve vacationed in the south (aside from Florida, which I consider a different experience).  We spent the day in Savannah, Georgia before making our way up to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Savannah definitely wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was expecting a small little southern town, but Savannah was definitely bigger and more touristy that I originally thought. I also didn’t have an appreciation for just how much American History is present in that small southern town.  Going around the Old Town area, it was amazing just how many old buildings have been restored, as well as the history associated with each building.  We took a trolley-bus tour around the downtown area, which turned out to be a very educational and interesting experience.

I Twittered it earlier, but I didn’t realize that for a period of time that Catholicism was prohibited in the Georgia colony.  I guess fears of being extremely close to the Spaniard Colonies prompted fear that Catholics in Georgia would have a disposition towards Spain – thus prohibiting Catholicism would eliminate such concern.

After our Savannah tour we made our way to Hilton Head, South Carolina where we will be until we head home.  The resort we’re staying in is very beautiful!  After skipping lunch, we had an early dinner in Charley’s Crab Restaurant.  I can’t appreciate the experience of eating seafood while watching the sun set over the water.

Tomorrow we’ll make our way to the beach and do some bike-riding around the area, so I’ll hope to take more pictures and share them.

Speaking of pictures, I’m having trouble uploading them to Flickr this evening. I’m sending them to my home computer now and will try uploading them there.  Watch for a follow-up post with pictures!