Nuggets, Playoffs and the NBA

(Photo by Jack Dempsey from AP)

Football is definitely my sport of passion, but with it being 3 months away I’ve decided to shift my attention to Denver’s hottest team right now.  The Nuggets look red hot right now, and I’m rooting for a swift finish with the Mavs so that they can rest up for the next series (and here’s hoping that I haven’t jinxed anything).

We’ve been catching a lot of the playoffs on TV.  At some point in the evening, the NBA is on, and it’s kept us up way too late for our bed time.  Despite being entertained and amused by the playoffs, I can’t help but be put off by the arrogance of the NBA by scheduling them so poorly.  The fact that the Nuggets played on Tuesday night and won’t play again until Saturday is asinine.  Are the teams traveling by covered wagon to get to the next game?  Come on NBA, they could play a whole other game during that time.  I also realize the NBA wants to play their games in prime-time, but it’s really too bad that the East Coast is missing out on these great games because they start at 11pm their time.  I think the NBA would be wise to take a page from MLB’s playbook and start their games earlier in the afternoon, or even alternate the times a bit.

It’s crazy that the playoffs last as long as they do, and really doesn’t offer much incentive for casual fans to follow the regular season.  They should shorten the first round to a best of 5 series and play the games without messing up the days.

Enough with the rambling though, here’s to the Nuggets!