Honeymoon Day 2 – Ate, Drank and Gambled Well

Our second day of our Honeymoon could be summed up with good food, good drink and lot of relaxation. We took advantage of our first day we got to sleep in and stayed in bed until after 10:00am. After logging over 10 hours of sleep, we finally got up and made our way downstairs right before noon. Our first stop was to get tickets for Phantom of the Opera – they’re running a special for the 3rd anniversary of being at the Venetian. We then headed over the Wynn to try out one of the best buffets in Vegas. We weren’t disappointed! It was filled with lots of great seafood, as well as food from different genres, but most of all Bethany loved the room with nothing but dessert! We ate enough to tide us over for the rest of the day.

Our dessert plate

We spent the afternoon at the mall across the street from the Wynn, doing a little shopping for Hawaii. After some more walking around we went back and napped at the Palazzo. We woke up to the shocking news about Michael Jackson’s death and spent the rest of the afternoon watching the news coverage, listening to Michael Jackson songs as we got ready for the evening. We’re still having a hard time believing that he’s gone…

We made our way to the Paris hotel and played some penny slots as we waited for our 7:00pm reservation at the Eiffel Tower restaurant. We went based on a recommendation from a friend and had no idea what to expect. We were completely blown away with how fancy this place was. We mentioned to the host that we were here for our Honeymoon, and they gifted us with a table with a fantastic view of the Strip and the fountains of the Bellagio. We enjoyed a bottle of wine, great entrees, and ended our dinner with amazing soufflés.

Our view from the Eiffel Tower

After the lunch that we had, we were more than stuffed by the fine dinner. The experience at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, as great as it was, was a lot fancier than we are used to. We decided to follow up dinner with an experience with an old friend: Fremont Street.

When we pulled up at Fremont Street, the light show was playing Michael Jackson music, with a montage of his album covers – definitely a somber tribute. The next light show played Don McLean’s “American Pie”. All of it seemed very appropriate for today.

After losing some money at the penny slots at Fremont, we went over to the Four Queens and tried our luck at $5 Blackjack table. We quickly learned about the benefits of playing as a married couple. I kept riding the ups and down of the BlackJack river, while Bethany quietly won all of our money back, plus cab fare home. We ended up entertaining ourselves for over 90 minutes, making it a fun trip to Fremont Street.

We’re back early at the Palazzo, catching Be Cool as well and some sleep before we check out of the hotel and get ready to make the flight to Hawaii.

Next up: Our last day in Vegas, Phantom of the Opera, and killing time before our 2am flight.