Another day the music died

My cousin put it best when she Twittered those words about Michael Jackson.  I just saw the news over Twitter when we took a rest on our Honeymoon in Vegas this afternoon.  We’re both in shock about this.


I guess now we’re going to be subjected to this wall-to-wall coverage where the media is going to speculate – in some cases widely and inappropriately – on his death, but I’d much rather think about his life at this point.

This guy wrote the book on much of the modern music, especially with Pop and the way he danced.  Boy Bands like N’Sync and Backstreet Boys need to attribute all of their moves to him.  This afternoon the Wynn kept showing these commercials for Beyonce’s upcoming concert, and I couldn’t help but think about how many of those moves are influenced by Michael Jackson.

I think as we gain some distance from Jackson’s death and contemplate his life, many may end up seeing him the same way we see Vincent van Gogh: An artist that transcended his craft and likely is so talented that he became crazy.  Michael Jackson’s life may be seen as a Greek tragedy, a figure where you wonder if the people closest to him really cared about him – or simply saw him as a meal ticket.

How very sad.. I’m queuing up a Michael Jackson playlist on my iPod right now.