What’s in a name? [Announcement]

Sorry that I haven’t been posting much over the last few weeks. With the wedding fast approaching, my head’s been ducked down doing quite a bit of wedding preparation. However, I did want to use my blog to make a brief announcement: I have completed a legal name change.

Let’s get all of the jokes out of the way: No, I did not change it to Max Power or anything funny like that. No, I did not "correct the spelling" of my first name.  Now that that’s out of the way, here’s what I did.  To pay tribute to my Hispanic cultural ties, I’ve decided to add Balderrama to my name so that my full name is Jeromey James Gaudreau Balderrama.

So yes, my last name is technically now Balderrama and when Bethany and I get married on June 20th, we’ll be introduced as Mr. & Mrs. Balderrama.  However, you’re still welcome to call me Jeromey Gaudreau, Jeromey Gaudreau Balderrama, or Jeromey Balderrama – I’ll respond to all of it!

Update: In my haste of writing this last night, I neglected to mention that Balderrama is actually my mother’s maiden name.  Hopefully this makes a lot more sense now as to where Balderrama comes from.