Our Honeymoon: Day 9 – Sunrise, Sunset

We can’t help but think of the Fiddler on the Roof song: Sunrise, Sunset as we write about our last full day on the Honeymoon.  Determined to catch an island sunrise, Bethany got the two of us out of bed at 5:37am and we hiked our way down to the shore by the resort to catch the sunrise.

Notice the bags under Jeromey’s eyes?

The sunrise arrived, on schedule, and while it wasn’t as spectacular as the Beach House sunset (on the first night we arrived), the view was worth the early morning rise:


We were surprised at the number of people who actually were up that early, but that didn’t stop us from immediately going back to bed and sleeping in.  We woke up a few hours later, had a few bowls of cereal and made our way to the beach for what turned out to be the last time on the trip.  We swam in Ship-wreck Beach and ended up doing some boogie-boarding.  The waves were nasty, and we ended up getting our butts handed to us.  We had a ton of fun and got the week’s usage out of our boogie boards and were looking to give them away.  Bethany went up to the first person next to us to offer the boogie boards, and it turns out that she and her family are actually from Fort Collins as well.  We spent a little while talking about home, Hawaii, weddings and other various things, then wished them well with their new boogie boards.

One of the downsides of swimming in the ocean is all of the sand that your body accumulates.  After our sand-rinsing showers, the bathroom wasn’t a pretty sight!  We cleaned up as much as we could and freshened up for the dinner cruise.

We stopped for lunch at Brick Oven Pizza, the place that was closed on Monday, and had some amazing salads and shared a small “UltiMEAT” Pizza.  I was particularly excited because I got to order anchovies on my Caesar Salad.

Finally after lunch we boarded the Spirit of Kauai for the dinner cruise and set sail.


I’m not sure if it was the Dramamine we took before the cruise, or the stomach full of Brick Oven Pizza, but as the ship slowed down my stomach started to speed up.  I didn’t get sick, but I definitely wasn’t feeling well for part of the cruise.  I managed to recover just in time for dinner, where we enjoyed a great chicken salad, steak strips, rice, bread, and vegetables.  Everything was excellent!

The cruise went up and down the Napali Coast, and showed beautiful scenery of waterfalls, island caves and of course beaches.  The scenery we saw has been shown in many different movies – namely the “opening island” sequence of Jurassic Park, as well as Raiders of the Lost Ark







Of course, this wouldn’t be a Sunset Dinner Cruise if we didn’t witness a sunset:


We safely docked and made our way home, but not before stopping one last time at Lappert’s Ice Cream.

Next Up: Our last day in Hawaii