Cutler Bowl (help wanted)


Tomorrow Denver’s biggest villain since. at least Ashlie Lelie, Eddie Kennison, Brandon Marshall (but who knows?) is coming back to Denver for his home-coming.  Who would have thought anyone would be excited to see a pre-season game, but I can only imagine the amount of vitriol that is going to come from the Orange & Blue fans in the stands when Cutler takes the field.

I’m sorry to say that I actually have a Broncos Cutler jersey in my closet.  Even though I had the Cutler #6, I still couldn’t resist wearing my John Lynch jersey last season.  Now I have a perfectly bad Cutler jersey and I’m trying to come up with a ceremonious way to get rid of the jersey.  We’ll be tailgating at the stadium, so tomorrow would be the perfect opportunity to destroy it.  The obvious answer is to burn it, but I think the stadium security and police would frown upon that. One idea I have is to use it as a doormat, but that seems to obvious.

Basically I’m looking for the perfect idea on how I could destroy my Cutler jersey.  Any suggestions?