Remembering 9/11, 8 Years Later

I’m surprised that in the 4 & 1/2 years of blogging, I never actually posted an entry about 9/11.  I want to offer some modest homage to this day, a day when the entire world changed.


The memories I have of September 11, 2001 begin with Monday, September 10th. There was a Broncos game the night before, the first home game at the new Mile High Stadium against the New York Giants.  Although the Broncos had won that night, I went to bed worried about Ed McCaffrey’s broken leg, and how that would impact their season.  I think back to that game and the thoughts I had when I went to bed on September 10th, and how insignificant they turned out to be the next day.  People speak about how our generation lost their innocence on that Tuesday, and I believe that it couldn’t be more true.

I learned about the first tower being hit by the TV that was one while I was getting ready.  At that point I assumed it was an accident and didn’t give it a second thought.  It was on my way to work when the 2nd tower got hit, and the evil of the acts revealed itself.  Then came word about the plane hitting the Pentagon, and the 4th plane that went down.  At that point I was concerned because my uncle was currently on a flight en-route to Washington, DC.  I was filled with fear those first developing hours, as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.  Luckily my uncle’s plane was turned around (like all flights that day) and he was safe.  My mind shifted from gratitude for the safety of my uncle to trying to comprehend what just happened, and how the world had changed.  I just remember being afraid of what was to come.

My heart goes out to all of those that were impacted by that horrific day, and those that continue to fight for our country’s safety to this day.