Today’s Miles High Experience

Today was a long day, a fun day, but a long one.  We played a great show at Signature’s Night Club last night which I’ll have to get into a bit more, but a long drive home didn’t get me back into Fort Collins until after 2am.  I woke up this morning at 8:30 and started to make my way back to the Mile High City to see the Broncos take on the Patriots. Unfortunately I gave Bethany the illness that I had last week, so she wasn’t able to go.  Luckily my buddy Matt was able to drop things and head down to the game with me.

It was definitely a cold one.  I dressed in a decent amount of layers: a turtleneck, sweatshirt jacket, and of course my jersey.  The sun finally broke out in the 2nd half and made it warm enough to take off the knit hat and gloves.

If you saw the game (and thus the uniforms), you could see that the Broncos were going back to the 60’s, and the stadium crew was trying to go for the same thing as well.  Some of the things they did were pretty clever: the Cheerleaders with the 60’s outfits and huge pom-poms, a pep band playing (what I presume is) the Broncos fight song when touchdowns were scored, 60’s music during timeouts. 

However there were a few things that completely missed the mark: The big screens (people call them jumbo-trons, Mile High calls it “Thundervision”) showed everything in black & white, and to drive home the point they put it in this obnoxious old TV border.   The idea was cute, but there were a few problems: 1) Both jerseys came across as being white on the screen, making it difficult to identify players; 2) Even though they were going with a black & white effect to make things look old, it was still in HD. 3) The typical graphics/ads/screens were pretty much unreadable.  It was just one of those things that probably took things too far.

We were treated to half-time show by the CSU Marching Band – more appropriately: the home stands were treated to the show, as that was the only section that could actually hear the band.  I didn’t realize just how bad the acoustics in the stadium were until after I heard the band.  It seemed that all of the sound got absorbed by those plastic seats, with nothing left to bounce around the stadium.

Old-school experiences aside, it was great to walk out of the stadium with a win – especially one that practically no one outside of Denver was expecting.