LITESTIX – The latest in poser drumming

I’ve been kicking around putting together a “Drummer Pet Peeves” list, but in lieu of a complete post, here’s a sneak preview of what will definitely be on it: Owners of Vic Firth’s “Lite Stix”.

I admit they look cool, but then you look at the price tag of $130! Normally a good pair of drum sticks (I typically buy the Vic Firth Buddy Rich Signatures) are $7-8.  You could buy 18 pairs of Buddy for the price of one pair of these Lite Stix.  The funny thing is that the type of drummer that would use these and think they’re cool are the same ones that think it’s cool to break a new pair of sticks every time they play. These should be a lot of fun when they split in half.

Just when you thought you’d seen it all.