Looks like this is 24’s last season

The writing has been on the wall, but it seems that in the next few days we’ll learn what has been too evident: that 24 is going to be taken out back.


From Variety:

“24‘s time is almost up. 20th Century Fox TV and Fox appear ready to end the long-running hit after this season, the show’s eighth. Studio and network execs declined comment — but it’s believed that the final decision will be made in the next day or two. Move is not a huge surprise, but still reps the end of an era for Fox.”

I can’t way I’m too terribly surprised.  I was a late-coming onto 24 and didn’t watch my first “live” season until Season 4, but there was a time when my friends and I had “24 Night”, where we planned out evenings around watching this show together.  We were going strong for a few years, but then the abomination that was Season 6 hit, followed by a writers strike that took the show off the air for a year.

The next thing you know, we’re not only not having 24 night together, but many of us aren’t even watching the show the same evening it airs.  Bethany and I just finished the previous week’s episode nearly a week after it aired, this is how low it’s fallen on our totem pole of TV shows.

24, you were a great show, but you fell victim to the same stale, recycled plotline that occurs year after year.  Now it’s become Willie Mayes dropping fly balls in the outfield.  Thanks for the memories 24, but I do think it’s time you’re put out to pasture.