We’re selling the farm! [Announcements]

This has been several weeks in the making, but we finally took the plunge and decided to sell our house!


Our Rock Creek home has been an awesome place to live for the past four years.  For a couple starting out, this home provided the perfect amount of space, is located in a beautiful neighborhood that is full of life, and is a short walk away from the Front Range Village shopping center.  We definitely loved living here.  There last few weeks getting it ready to list have been pretty busy. You don’t realize just how much extra stuff you have until you try to de-clutter from it.  If you’d like to see the results of our effort, you can check out the pictures at our listing.

We’re now looking for a single-family home that’s a little more in between of our two jobs, as well as something that will host a few chapters of our lives.  We’re anxious to see where these next few weeks and months will take us and are excited for the opportunities.