Sleeping in Seattle: Wedding Wednesday

Seattle was actually a work-cation for me, where I would work during the day and have some time at night to explore.  This left Bethany with some time to kill on her hands, and one of those ways in doing so was visiting the University of Washington.  Bethany found the campus to be very pretty, saying that the buildings looked aged, but well-maintained.  She actually mistook the library for a church.


In the later afternoon we made the trek by bus to southwest Seattle, where we watched our friends Rachel and Ken renew their vows to have their marriage blessed by the Church. The ceremony is a little more low-key, but was just as beautiful.


After their reception we started to make our way back to the northern part of Seattle, stopping downtown to run some errands.  We ended up over by the shoreline to have some chowder over at Ivar’s, where the seagulls would come and beg for scraps. At some point, it seemed like a scene from Birds, but the ‘gulls behaved themselves.  However, we did contribute in the disruption of the ecosystem.



The rest of our evening was pretty uneventful. We spent the rest of it walking back to our bus and heading home.  We did manage to stumble into a seven-foot tall Otter named Elliot.