In Loving Memory


Sad news was delivered to us on our last morning in Seattle when we got word that Rocky – Bethany’s beloved brother – had tragically died in a house fire while visiting a friend in Canada.

To say this was a complete shock would be an understatement, and we are definitely in grief over the loss a dear brother, father, son, uncle and friend.  Those who knew Rocky can attest to his kind soul and adventurous spirit.  Rocky definitely lived life to the fullest and lives a big void in all of our lives.

As I mentioned, we received word early in the morning, hours from setting sail for the last segment of our trip: our cruise to Alaska.  After much contemplation, discussion and consideration: we decided that given Rocky’s sense of adventure, he would have wanted us to continue on this cruise – so here we are, along with Bethany’s dad and step-mom.  This ship has definitely taken on some heavy hearts, but we are dedicating our adventures and discoveries to him this week, sharing many memories, raising some toasts and shedding some tears.  We feel Rocky’s presence with us, but also look forward to going home and joining our family and friends in the celebration of his life.

We are very touched to have received so many kind works through email, text, phone and Facebook.  We’re sorry that we cannot respond, as we have limited phone and internet reception, but please know that your words are received by needing hearts.

I’ll continue to blog about our adventures from this our trip.  We’re getting the opportunity to see and do a lot of incredible things, and we remember that Rocky was never one to pass up and adventure.  However, I’ll dedicate the rest of my posts on the trip to his spirit, and hope to continue to honor his memory in channeling his love for life.

God bless you Rocky. We love you and miss you greatly.