Unplugging (the blog) from Facebook


I’ve been posting to this blog (in some form) for over 7 years, and 714 blog posts later I’ve found that my posts have been getting fewer and further between.  I can attribute this to many things, among those: a lack of time & shifts in priority, but there is one barrier which I’m attempting to remove: my blog’s link to Facebook.

One thing that hasn’t been a barrier is a shortage of thoughts and opinions.  They usually visit me in the most inopportune times, when plugging away at a keyboard for an hour isn’t feasible.  Oftentimes my craving to express these opinions is satisfied by Twitter, but believe it or not, sometimes my thoughts can’t be articulated in 140 characters.  I then consider posting to my blog, but then am approached by another barrier: my self doubt of expressing my views, and how they will be perceived by my loved ones.  When I first linked my blog to Facebook, it looked like an awesome opportunity to drive traffic over here, and a lot of you have graciously clicked the link in Facebook to read my latest rant.  At the same time, I have a hyper-sensitivity to what gets posted about me in Facebook.  While some people post virtually every thought, I’m pretty particular about what ends up on my news feed and who just might see it.  Through that my “not anonymous” platform becomes that much more public.  This results in every inclination to blog getting trumped by my self-doubt.

This makes no sense, right? That’s what I figured, but looking back at my blog I yearn for the days when I was posting regularly and am looking for ways to recapture that pattern – so I’m going to try this.   This will be the last auto-post that will be added to my Facebook profile for the foreseeable future.  If I end up writing something that is particularly noteworthy, I’ll manually create a link, but for the most part I’m yearning to detach my posts from my news feed.

If you’re still interested in keeping up my thoughts, you’re always welcome to subscribe using my RSS feed (which works with Google Reader and various other news-reading apps).  I’ll also continue the auto-posting to Twitter, which somehow seems a little more anonymous.  Otherwise you’re always welcome to drop into the site from time to time.

So here’s to most posts, more rants and more ramblings.  Thanks for indulging me.