Due Date

Well after nearly 10 months, it’s finally here – or at least it’s supposed to be.  Ever since we’ve announced that we’re expecting our first child, I’ve been a little mum about the subject on my blog, for two main reasons: we’ve been a little unsure and uncomfortable sharing some of the information (as in we *think* we’re having a girl), and I also have been hypersensitive about using my blog to share pretty typical pregnancy things (especially since I’m not the one personally experiencing them).

Today is the official due date for the baby, although as we’re approaching 10pm, the likelihood of Baby Balderrama arriving today is pretty slim.  It’s funny, it seems like those 40 weeks have breezed by (especially as things got really busy in the spring), but these last few days have felt excruciatingly long.  We’re extremely hesitant to make any plans that take us too far away from home, and we can’t help but think ahead and get excited about the baby arriving.

It’s funny, you realize people are being curious and caring by asking questions, but it starts getting old providing the same answers: No, she’s not here yet.  Yes, we’re still pregnant.  Yes, we want her to get here too.  Yes we’re doing <Insert wives tale to induce labor>, but it hasn’t worked yet.  Not to be crass, but trust us: when our baby arrives we’ll make sure that you know!  Hopefully it’s going to be soon!

Tom Petty did say it best: waiting is hard.