I’ve moved!

I just wanted to announce that I’ve moved… my blog to a new URL.

Back in the early 2000’s I adopted an internet handle “RomeyInFC”, which stood for “Romey In Fort Collins”. I took a lot of pride in being in Fort Collins and based it off a nickname that my friends gave me. Whether you’d email me or visit different sites throughout the web, chances are you’d find me there as RomeyInFC.

The problem is that I haven’t lived in Fort Collins for the last 7 years.

Since I’ve moved to Windsor, I’ve shifted away from using RomeyInFC. If I managed to claim “jeromey” from a few major places, like Twitter and Facebook, but in other places where I couldn’t I became “BalderRomey”. In one of the final steps of transitioning to that username, I decided to cash in on any Google Juice SEO that my site has acquired, and shift it all over to BalderRomey.com

So welcome to my new home on the web, it looks a lot like my old home. As I’ve been blogging for nearly 14 years, I appreciate those who have popped in over the course of my posts, and hope to entertain those as I continue to write.