Sleeping in Seattle: Underground and Bainbridge Island

On Thursday we journeyed back into downtown Seattle to go see an attraction that was recommended by many locals: The Underground Tour.  Located in Pioneer’s Square, this fascinating tour covered the underground in two ways: the structures that the current city was built above, as well as the way these structures also housed activities that were considered less-than-decent – it’s Red Light District.


We were told stories of how the city was originally constructed as a logging community, built on mud slabs that were supplemented with sawdust to firm out the ground.  Being a port city, Seattle was where loggers and sailors would come together to unwind, drink themselves silly and indulge themselves.


It’s crazy seeing the original structures that now sit beside the foundations of sidewalk and street.  We were told stories of when the streets came up and built to the current height they are today, the sidewalk passages were still at the ground level. People would have to climb ladders in order to cross the street.  We heard tales of drunk loggers stumbling out of the bar, climbing the ladder to cross the street, then taking the “one step to sobriety” by forgetting about the ladder back down.


Later on, when the city was erected on top of the underground structures, we were told the structures were used as a series of underground tunnels for smuggling.  They claim this was evidenced by the fact that skylights was built into the sidewalks to allow for natural light to shine through.


You can see the under-ground view, and then the above-ground view.


I’d say the Underground Tour was worth it. The price was pretty reasonable for a history buff like me. I’m not sure what was truth and what is urban legend.  It was  still worthwhile to see though.

We departed Pioneer Square and headed straight to Bainbridge Island: the other gem recommended to us. We made our way out there by ferry and were told to go to this pub for fish & chips. We made a small detour for some wine tasting, topped off by a Port in chocolate glass.


After dinner we walked along the shoreline walk, which featured these cool statues made out of rock and wire.



On the ferry ride back to Seattle, we were treated to both a beautiful sunset over the island, as well as a full moon rising over the city, revealing a beautiful cityscape.