Rockies fever

Like everyone else in Denver, I am plagued with Colorado Rockies fever.  Their recent hot streak that got them into the playoffs has been amazing to say the least.  I had the opportunity to be at the game on Sunday, experiencing the circumstances that got them into the 1 game tie-breaker with San Diego.  I did the unthinkable: missed watching a regular season Broncos game so I could watch baseball!

The energy was Coors Field was amazing as we were watching the Rockies overcome the Diamondbacks, while we also watched the scoreboard between the Brewers/Padres game as well.  Since the Rockies Inaugural year I’ve probably been to 30-35 Rockies games, but I had never felt the incredible energy that resonated in that stadium before until Sunday.  I can only imagine how Monday’s tie-breaker game surpassed Sunday’s excitement as well.

I’m not going to jinx anything, but I do believe that the Rockies do have a chance to do some major damage in the playoffs.  I didn’t get to see Game 1 against the Phillies, but it sounded like the Rockies were able ride the momentum and punch the Phillies in the mouth on Wednesday.

No one outside of Colorado is giving the Rockies a shot.  Some may attribute it to east-coast bias throughout the sports media, or simply the ignorance of sports commentators not knowing the Rockies players, or the stigma of playing half of your games at high altitude. Whatever it is, I hope the Rockies can shock some people.  Win or lose, the best part is that they have a young, home-grown core that can only continue to improve from here.

<br />My shot of the Rockies celebrating after they clinched the Tie-Breaker game with the Padres on Sunday