Weird Dave Matthews videos

In an effort to continue to delay any meaningful blogging on this site, I have come across some crazy videos of Dave Matthews that he shot for fashion designer John Varvatos.

The first is a bizzare “Monkey on my Back” where Dave is a music man (remember Burt from Mary Poppins), with a Monkey that plays cymbals and eventually smacks him in the head.


The next one is video at a photo shoot that Dave did for John Varvatos, where he eventually does his “Dave dance”.


DMB screws with Coloradoans again

And my weekend was off to such a good start…

I’m playing RSS catchup late Friday night when I came across the announcement that Dave Matthews Band has released their Summer 2008 Tour Dates.  As I started reading the story the news was getting better and better, announcing the opening acts such as Spearhead, The Black Crowes, and O.A.R. That’s incredible!  This is too good to be true!

Then it was.

I went over to the tour dates web site and COLORADO WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!!  You’re kidding me!  Why don’t you just twist that knife a little more?  It’s bad enough that there was no Colorado show last year (not to mention that we were skipped in 2004 and initially skipped in 2005, causing me to make 2 trips to opposite coasts to get DMB shows that year.  2007 was the first year since 2008 that I haven’t been to a DMB show, and now it’s looking like it could be two years?!?  I mean you threw us a bone by giving us those 4 incredible Red Rocks shows in 2005, but I would much rather have no Red Rocks shows if it means we don’t get skipped 2 years in a row!

I’m refraining from full panic mode because rumor has it that they are planning at being at this big festival at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park on July 20th.  You probably have the same initial thought I had: “WHERE?!?” Yes, apparently that’s where the Colorado Rapids play soccer (Colorado has a soccer team??).  I’m hoping so, but if there is an announcement it won’t come until the end of the month.  That’s bad.

The closest show to us in Omaha on July 22, and the Warehouse Ticketing period closes on March 17th.  I’m tempted to road trip, but that’s a pretty bad time for me to travel (considering I’m going to a wedding the following week on Monday). However if I don’t go and there’s no Denver show, that would be the second year in a row that I don’t request tickets, causing me to wonder if my Warehouse money should go elsewhere.

DMB, please announce Colorado, and announce it soon!  Don’t screw us for the second year in a row, please?