No more Mr. Big on Criminal Intent

I came across this on MSNBC last night:

“Mr. Big is out, and Mr. Goldblum is in.  Jeff Goldblum will be joining “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” while Chris Noth – Mr. Big in the “Sex and the City” TV show and movie – is leaving after three seasons, a series spokeswoman said Thursday.”

This is welcome news.  I love watching Criminal Intent, mainly because of Vincent D’Onofrio.  When they went to the split-detectives a few years ago, I basically stopped watching every other episode.  The best part of Criminal Intent is the Columbo-like character in Detective Goren, always spouting off these random bits of knowledge and having these socially awkward interactions.  Goldblum should be able to play into that tone pretty well, and will compliment the D’Onofrio team.  Now only if they could get more shows out of the season and get it back onto NBC.